1. Wuff

    Thanks Jon!

    I have a hMailServer instance on a VM, which decided to choke today.
    Finding that ClamWin was leaking like crazy, I wondered if Defender would fit the bill – and voila, you had the answer!

    To keep Defender up-to-date, I have also added a task to call “C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe”
    With args: -SignatureUpdate -MMPC

  2. This does not work for my hmailserver.
    I just get an error message saying “Virus Detection Filed . Reason. False Positive. Unknown”
    Do you have any ideas why?

    • Jon Procter

      Sorry you’re having trouble! Could you confirm which version of Windows Server + HMailServer you’re running. I’ve not updated HMS since making this guide (and not sure if it auto-updates) so perhaps something has changed?

      • Jon Procter

        Glad it worked for you – wasn’t sure if the guide needed updating but return value should be 2 anyway so it’s fine!

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